General Rules & Regulations:

  • Central Library is NO-MOBILE ZONE.

  • Maintain strict silence in the Reading Room and other areas.

  • DO NOT enter the reading or lending section with your baggage. Keep them in the wooden shelves at the Gate Counter.

  • Scan the library notice boards regularly (Both inside and outside the library premise).


  • In case of any difficulty library users can approach the Assistant Librarian or the Librarian.

  • Only present students and staff of the College can use the Library. No ex-student or outsiders are allowed to use the Library.

  • Do take care of library books and journals.

  • Rs. 2/- will be charged as fine for duplicate copy of the card.

Guidelines for Circulation:

  • Books borrowed from the Lending Section of the library must be returned within Thirty days from the date of issue.

  • A reader will have to pay 10 paise per day as delaying charge after the expiry of 30 days.

  • Use only your own valid library card. Using someone else's card to issue/reissue books is not allowed.

  • Please check the condition of the book before issuing, in case any mutilation found report the same in the counter.

  • No reader shall write or make any remark upon any book or damage it any way.

  • If case of any multinomial being detected, the last borrower will be responsible for the book and he will have to bear the current cost or to replace the book.

  • Library books or any documents on loan must be returned before completion of the test exam.

Guidelines for Reading Section:

  • Maintain strict silence in the Reading Room.

  • The books, periodicals and Newspaper kept in Reading Room are meant only for reading consultation inside READING ROOM ONLY, cannot be taken out.

  • Do not scatter the pages of newspaper while reading.

  • DO NOT misplace/shuffle books while selecting from the shelves.

Guidelines for Reprography Section:

  • The photocopy section is for LIBRARY BOOKS, JOURNALS AND QUESTION PAPERS ONLY. The class notes, outside papers and books are strictly NOT TO BE PHOTOCOPIED HERE.

  • Place your requisition for photocopy at the Reading Counter.

  • Maximum twenty pages can be photocopied at a time; Cost per page is Rupee ONE only.

  • Photocopies are distibuted from 2:30 pm to 4 pm.